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Things to Do While Camping: 45 Fun Activity Ideas

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Ever wonder what people actually DO while camping? We know it’s all about sleeping in a tent, but how do campers spend their time each day? Maybe you are new to camping or looking for new ideas. Either way, this list of things to do while camping will keep everyone in the family entertained and enjoying every moment in the outdoors.

Things to Do at the Campsite

Most of the fun of camping is hanging out with friends and family at the campsite. Believe it or not, there are plenty of fun camping activities to do right at your site.

1. Paint Rocks

We found this rock on a trail in Texas

Painting rocks has risen in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s because of the creativity or a fun way to spread a little joy, people are painting rocks more than ever.

All you need are smooth (and flat) rocks, acrylic paints, and brushes. You can also use a paint pen for less mess. Paint little pictures on your rocks, or written inspirational messages on them.

Then “hide” rocks around the campground, parks, or other high traffic areas for people to easily find.

Remember that when you collect rocks from the outdoors, it may be the home to a little critter. It’s best to purchase rocks from a landscaping or craft store.

2. Crafts and Nature Art

The campground can be a great place for crafting. Nature-inspired crafts like these fireflies can be used to light up the campsite when the sun goes down.

Or make your art using what you find in nature. Use twigs, leaves, flowers, pine cones and more to turn create a work of art. Just bring paper and glue for your creations.

3. Play Outdoor Lawn Games

Outdoor lawn games are a great way to spend an afternoon at the campsite, especially for larger groups. Find versions that collapse for easier transport.

Look for family favorite games like cornhole (bean bags), washers, klub, bocce ball, or ladders.

4. Toss a Frisbee

We have a Frisbee in each of our cars and in our camping totes. They are so easy to pack, can be played with any number of people, and entertain for hours.

5. Slackline

The slackline is still probably our favorite addition to our camping gear. It’s great exercise for the kids and a fun challenge for everyone – and it packs down small enough to fit easily in our gear.

Before you head to the campground, make sure there are no restrictions for tying things to trees.

6. Stacking Rocks

These rocks were found around our campsite (we removed them before leaving the campground)

If you’ve ever seen the amazing creations from Gravity Glue, you probably already know how cool this activity is.

Use caution with this one, however. Rock stacking in many places can be harmful in natural settings. Stacked rocks, also called cairns, are used to direct hikers along a poorly marked trail. Rocks are also homes to many critters, and moving them could be a disruption to the ecosystem.

7. Decorate Your Campsite

The tent is usually the star, but you can make your campsite a home away from home by adding a personal touch with lights, flags, and flowers.

  • Add a table cloth to your picnic table, along with lanterns, flowers, or holiday decor
  • Hang a decorative yard flag at the front of your site
  • String lights around the campsite or on the tent

8. Practice Survival Skills

Get prepared for bigger adventures with learning or practicing the survival skills needed for the backcountry.

9. “Whip” Up Dessert

Making homemade ice cream or whipped cream right at your campsite is easier than you think.

To make ice cream, fill a bag with cream and sugar, then place in a larger bag that is also filled with ice and salt. Click here for more details on making homemade ice cream in a bag.

Whipped cream is even easier. Fill a mason jar with whipping cream and sugar. Shake until the cream is thickened and becomes solid. But be careful – if you shake it too much, it will turn into butter!

10. Yoga

The quite of the campground early in the morning is perfect for meditation and yoga.

A yoga mat is easy to pack, and can double as a (thin) extra layer of padding on the ground or insulation on a cot.

11. Whittle Wood

Whittling takes focus, but is surprisingly calming. Kids that are old enough to handle a pocket knife can get started whittling too.

Things to Do While Camping with Kids

There are many things to do around the campsite to keep even the younger kids busy and entertained.

12. Make Snack Necklaces for Hiking

Thread finger foods like cereal, dried fruits, and pretzels through string that is long enough to be worn as a necklace, then let the kids wear their necklace during a hike so they can snack as they please.

13. Play Tag

Teach the kids all of your childhood favorites, like freeze tag or TV tag. Or learn some new versions of tag with these ideas.

14. Chalk

Many campgrounds have paved driveways at the site, which is a perfect spot for chalk drawing. Play hopscotch, games like tic-tac-toe, or draw nature scenes.

15. Relax in a Hammock

a man napping in an inflatable lounger, one of the fun things to do while camping
If you don’t have a hammock or can’t tie anything to the trees, try an inflatable lounger

Chilling in a hammock is one of the best ways to spend a lazy afternoon at the campground. Check ahead to make sure the campground allows things tied to trees – and that there are trees at the campsite. If not, bring a collapsible hammock stand.

16. Blow Bubbles

This is an easy way to keep little ones occupied while getting dinner prepped or setting up camp.

17. Water Games

Water balloons, water gun fights, or even a big tub of water to splash around in can entertain for hours and keep everyone cool on hot days.

18. Help with Cooking and Cleaning Up

Just like at home, kids can get involved in making meals. Younger kids can help with mixing and adding ingredients. Older kids can help with measuring and chopping.

19. Make a Campfire Meal

Teach older kids how to cook meals over a campfire. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows is a great start. Foil packs and dutch oven recipes are good ways to get kids into campfire cooking.

20. Make a Slingshot

Crafting a slingshot is another good project for older kids. Pack an elastic band, and use Y-shaped wood found at the campground.

21. Find Critters and Bugs

Finding wildlife is one of the most fun things to do while camping. We found this banana slug was found in northern California.

Get kids comfortable with creepy-crawlies by finding bugs and other little critters in a clear container (with little holes so they can get air!). Let them watch the bugs up close for a short period, then release them back to their homes.

22. Play with Toys From Home

Sometimes kids are happy to have a few things from home to play with while away. Pack a small tote with trucks, sand toys, or other favorites that are ok to get a little dirty.

23. School Work

kids doing school work at a campground, one of many things to do when camping
Pack up books and laptops – picnic tables make great desks for getting work done!

We’re trying to make this list full of fun things to do while camping, but if you are able to do school work remotely, why not do it in the middle of nature? Make a desk out of the picnic table and get school assignments completed at the campground.

Check ahead for cell service or WiFi. If online connections are not available, download what you can ahead of time.

24. Nothing

Yep – Not. A. Thing. Just allow the kids to be kids, to roam and explore. Give them time to be curious, lead the way, and become comfortable with nature. The older they are, the more they can set off do this on their own.

Things to Do Around the Campground

Some campgrounds offer just the basic amenities, but others have a variety of amenities and activities. Either way, there are many outdoor activities around the campground.

25. Foraging

Find edible mushrooms, berries, and plants to add to your outdoor meals. Make sure to research your area in advance, so you know how to identify safe and delicious ingredients!

26. Pick Up Litter

Public lands, in particular, may not have a budget to staff enough people to keep up with the littering at campgrounds and on trails. Bring an extra trash bag (and gloves) along on your walks and hikes to pack out what others didn’t.

27. Take a Bike Ride

Biking around the campground is one of the kids’ favorite things to do when camping and we’re busy making dinner.

Roads throughout campgrounds tend to be wide and flat – perfect for younger bikers. Look for bike trails nearby for longer rides.

28. Go Geocaching

This app-based treasure hunt is so much fun for all ages. There are caches hidden all over the world and logged in this app. Find one near your location, read the clues, and locate the cache.

Some will be filled with little trinkets for you to take, but make sure to have something to replace it with.

29. Photography

There isn’t a better time to practice your nature photography. Capture trees, critters, and mountain views. Take photos from unexpected angles. Or create a photo-journal of your camping adventure.

30. Meet New Friends

Campgrounds are filled with people that love camping as much as you do. Get to know people from other states or people who may be neighbors you’ve never met. Share camping tips and hacks, or even a few stories around the campfire.

31. Bird Watching

a girl birdwatching at a campground, one of many fun things to do while camping
Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your campsite to spot a few birds

Many people think of bird watching as an activity for our grandparents, but people of all ages have taken up this outdoor activity over the past few years.

All you need is a pair of binoculars and a bird watching book to get started.

32. Scavenger Hunt

Give younger kids a list of simple items that include things like pine cones, trees, and squirrels.

Older kids can do a selfie scavenger hunt. Have them capture shots eating a s’more, in a tent, or by the posted campground rules.

33. Hunt for Sticks

Sticks for hiking or sticks for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Take a walk through the campground searching for the perfect camping accessory.

34. Build a Fort

Let the kids take a few blankets and tarps to build their own fort for hiding out for the afternoon.

35. Identify Your Discoveries

From plants to animals, it’s fun to find out what is around the campground and on the hiking trails. Find a plant species you’ve never heard of, or figure out which critters are visiting your site while you sleep.

Find a book specific to your region for the best luck at finding a match.

36. Go for a Picnic

Get a change of scenery from your usual lunch at the campsite and find a picnic table or park. Find one in the campground, or take a short drive to find a good picnic spot.

Plan ahead with a meal that can be easily transported to another location.

Take Advantage of Campground Amenities and Features

There are a few campgrounds that offer nothing more than a fire ring and picnic table. But others have many things to do in and around the campground. These are opportunities you don’t want to miss.

37. Hike

Taking a hike during a weekend in the woods is one of the more common things to do while camping in public lands, like State and National Parks. If there isn’t a hiking trail at the campground, search apps like AllTrails for other options in the area.

If nature seems a little sparse around the campground, urban hiking is a thing too!

38. Play Ball

Look for spots around the campground to play volleyball, kickball, basketball, or soccer. If there are no open spaces or courts, a game of catch is just as fun.

39. Visit the Playground

The kids love finding tetherball and other fun things to do when camping at developed campgrounds

Playgrounds are a little more fun when they are at a campground. Bonus if it is close enough to your site to keep an eye on the kids while you get dinner ready.

40. Go Scrambling

When you’re not quite into the technical gear needed for climbing, scrambling might be a good option.

Scrambling requires less equipment and it is easier to get started than with climbing and is an adventure that is more fun for the kids than just hiking.

41. Participate in Organized Activities

Rangers at The Great Sand Dunes National Park talked about the dark skies in the park

Some campgrounds have scheduled activities like bingo, scavenger hunts, and holiday activities.

National and State Parks often have ranger-led activities where kids and adults can learn more about nature and wildlife found in the park.

Things to Do in the Water

Many campgrounds have lakes or rivers nearby or a pool onsite. Do your research ahead of time though so you bring the right gear. Some don’t allow swimming, others allow only certain types of watercraft.

42. Get Out on the Water

Kayaking at a state park in central Colorado

Pack up your kayak, canoe, or SUP to launch it in the lake. We love inflatable versions since they don’t take up as much room.

If the lake allows swimming, you may also be able to use any inflatable swim tube.

43. Take a Swim

Look for campgrounds with access to rivers, lakes, or pools for swimming. Just don’t forget to pack the swimsuits and towels!

44. Go Fishing

Research the area around the campground for fishing opportunities, then pack up a fishing pole and bait. If a fishing license is required, make sure you can get access to one.

If the fishing area isn’t catch-and-release only, bring a few fish back to the campsite for dinner. Learn how to prep the fish for cooking here.

45. Learn to Skip Stones

This kid loves to practice his stone-skipping skills

Find smooth, flat stones and practice skidding them across the water. Have a contest to see who can get more “skips” in their throws!

What are your favorite camping activities? We would love to hear about new fun things to do while camping!

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