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17 Fun and Entertaining Camping Activities for Rainy Days

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Rain in the forecast can crush many activities planned for a camping trip, but it doesn’t need to. Even rainy weather forecasts can be part of an adventure-filled weekend when armed with a few camping activities for rainy days.

Things to Do While Camping In the Rain

Things to Do in The Tent When It’s Raining

The first place we run when the rain comes down is into the tent. And if you’re camping in a large enough tent, it’s a great place to set up some activities. Plus, there’s nothing like listening to the sound of raindrops on the tent, and it may even be a welcome chance to relax during a busy camping weekend.

1. Write

Much to the kids’ dismay, we have them journal about our adventures. (But if it’s any consolation, they love to go back and read what they’ve written).

It’s also a good time to write down notes about the campground, hiking trails, and any other info you want to remember for your next visit.

2. Read

Our favorite time to read while camping is while chilling in a hammock, but passing the time while it’s raining comes in at a close second.

Cozy up in the tent with a good book while listening to the rainfall on the tent. Always pack a book or magazine to be ready for any unexpected rain.

3. Scroll Through Pictures on Your Phone

This is the perfect time to scroll through all the images you’ve captured of your adventure so far. Talk about your favorite moments and what else you would like to do before the trip is over.

Or, if you’re like me and take a thousand pictures on each trip, use the time to edit and organize the images so they are ready to share when you get home.

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4. Watch a Movie

Ok, we really don’t love the idea of screens on our outdoor adventures. But hiding away from the miserable weather after a long day of activity is a pretty good way to end the day. Make sure to have a movie downloaded in case of bad cell service.

5. Play Word Games

One of our current favorites is “I went on a picnic and brought….”

To play, choose a person to be “it.” That person will choose a topic or theme, then say “I went on a picnic and brought ___,” filling in the blank with something in that topic. The next person will repeat the sentence, filling in their own blank with a guess of another item in that topic. The “it” person says yes or no (if it fits the topic or not). Everyone continues to take turns until someone figures out the topic.

For example, the chosen topic is fruit. The “it” person starts with “pear”. The next person may fill in the blank with peas, guessing the topic is items that are green. The “it” person says no, and the next person will make a guess. Sooner than later, someone will realize all the yeses are for fruits and guess the topic!

6. Play cards

It might have something to do with our Midwest roots, but we always have a deck of cards with us. Play war, go fish, crazy 8’s (similar to Uno, where 8’s are wild), and many other games with a single deck of cards.

These waterproof cards won’t get ruined if a little water gets on them.

7. Play a Board Game

a lantern hanging under a canopy giving light to rainy day camping activities
Camping in the rain activities, like cards and board games, under a canopy with a hanging lantern for light

Pack up travel-sized versions of your favorite board games, or try other travel games and puzzles.

Dice games (we LOVE Left Center Right!) are also easy to pack. If you have the space, pack a few board games too.

If it’s not raining too hard, you might be able to set up some games on the picnic table under a canopy or tarp. But a tent is always a good standby for sheltering from the rain.

8. Draw or Color 

Bring a sketchbook and markers or pencils to turn views from the campground into art. We received this National Parks coloring book for Christmas this year, and we found it great for all ages.

9. Activity books 

Bring some camping, outdoor, or travel-themed activity books that are saved just for camping trips.

The 50 States: Activity Book: Maps of the 50 States of the USA (The 50 States, 2)The Travel Activity BookCamp Daze Mad Libs
The 50 States: Activity Book: Maps of the 50 States of the USA (The 50 States, 2)The Travel Activity BookCamp Daze Mad Libs
Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

10. Play pen and paper games

Just a few sheets of paper and a pen are all you need to play games like tic-tac-toe, hangman, or dots.

These can be done on blank sheets of paper or printed ahead of time with these printable games from Today’s Parent.

11. Research and Plan

It sounds like work, but it’s fun work. Use the extra time in the tent researching the campground and nearby towns to plan how you want to spend the rest of your camping weekend.

Grab booklets, brochures, and newsletters on activities and events in the area to learn more about things you’ve already done or make plans for later.

12. Listen to Music

Have a playlist ready on Spotify or Apple Music for when it’s time to chill in the tent and you need some good camping activities for rainy days. If cell service is bad, download the playlist at home.

13. Arts and Crafts

Crafts like origami or creating art with stickers are good tent activities because they don’t need a lot of space and aren’t messy.

Avoid art projects that use items like paint, glue, or food in the tent. Instead, these can be done on the picnic table outside, under a canopy if it’s just light rain.

dancing and skipping in the rain on a camping trip is one of the simple but fun camping activities for rainy days
Rainy day camping activities, like skipping in the rain through the campground, can salvage a camping trip

Rainy Day Camping Activities Around the Campground and Beyond

When everyone starts to feel cooped up in the tent, there is plenty to do on the outside of your camping shelter.

14. Explore a Nearby Town

Not all camping activities for rainy days need to be at the campground.

Hop in the car and head into town to visit shops, restaurants, or other indoor activities that will keep everyone out of the rain.

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15. Head to the Campground Shelter

Many campgrounds have shelters large enough to host big gatherings and events. If available, these are great places to be protected from the rain but still be outdoors.

Bring games, have lunch, or just chill under the shelter while the rain comes down.

16. Go Fishing

Fishing is usually planned for good weather days, but rainy days just might be one of the best times to go fishing.

17. Dance in the Rain

Don’t plan all of your rainy day camping activities, just enjoy the rain when it comes!

How do you spend rainy days while camping? Give us your favorite ideas for camping activities for rainy days in the comments!

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