The 17 Best Snowboarding Gloves & Wrist Guards to Keep Your Fingers Toasty Warm

Fingers always seem to be the first place you feel the chill on a snowy, cold weather day in the mountains. Finding the proper protection for your hands is key to staying comfortable on the slopes. And since we’re outfitting the kids for new gear this year, we’ve done all the homework and found the best snowboarding gloves to keep their hands warm and dry.

And because protection from falls is also essential for beginners, we’ve also found the best snowboarding wrist guards – both integrated into the gloves and separate.

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Gear up and get ready to get outside this winter season!

a snowboarder sitting with boots attached to the snowboard with snowboard gloves laying on snow
Prevent cold hands with a great pair of gloves, with wrist guards for snowboarding if needed

How to Choose the Best Gloves for Snowboarding

So what makes an excellent glove for snowboarding?

  • Gloves with good insulation and are waterproof and windproof will keep you warmer. Durable materials on the palms will hold up from falls on packed snow.
  • Gauntlets (the part that covers your wrist) can be cuffed, and wrists that can be cinched keep know off your wrists and forearms. Gloves with zippered pockets are even warmer when tucking a handwarmer into those pockets.
  • Some of the best snowboarding gloves have removable liners, and these provide extra insulation and make them easier to clean. Gloves can also come with nose wipes (those fridge temps make lots of runny noses!) and squeegees for your goggles.
  • If you’re afraid of losing a glove on the slopes, choose a pair with a leash that will stay attached to you even when you’re not wearing them.

Prices for a pair of snowboard gloves range by material, size, features, and color options. We’ve selected the best snowboarding gloves and mittens with more affordable prices (less than $100) and with prices over $100.

The Best Snowboarding Gloves with Wrist Guards

When you’re hitting the slopes for the first time, wristguards can provide protection when there are frequent falls. These options for the best snowboarding gloves all have removable inserts, so you don’t have to buy another pair when you no longer need the guards.

1. Dakine Unisex Wristguard Gloves

Under $100

Dakine Wristguard Gloves

We’re all about wrist guards that are not only built-in but also removable. The Dakine Wristguard Gloves have wrist protection with the ability to quickly remove them for washing. The built-in wrist leash and cuff cinch closure make these gloves even more comfortable.

  • removable rigid nylon plates to protect wrists from falls
  • the cuff cinch closure and velcro wrist strap create a custom fit to keep snow from getting into your jacket sleeves
  • the wrist leash ensures you won’t have a lost glove on the slopes
  • DK DRY insert provides additional insulation
  • available in multiple colors/designs

2. devembr gloves with wrist guards

Under $50


We like the budget-friendly options from devembr. The highly-rated gloves will keep fingers and hands warm on the slopes (especially when tucking a hand warmer into the zippered pocket!).

  • 3M Thinsulate for insulation and premium PU leather on palm for durability
  • touchscreen compatible
  • wrist guards are removable when not needed
  • zippered pocket for hand warmers
  • available in 4 colors

Snowboard Gloves Without Wristguards

Intermediate and expert boarders often don’t want the restriction of wrist guards. These gloves can be worn over wrist guards when you’re ready, so you can avoid buying a separate pair of gloves.

3. Burton Profile Undergloves

Under $50

Burton Profile Undergloves>

Gauntlets are great for keeping snow from getting into the sleeves of your jacket, but that does as bulk. If you don’t have trouble keeping snow out, consider under gloves. This pick for best snowboarding gloves is designed to be worn with cuffs tucked under your jacket.

  • stay warm with midweight Thermacore insulation
  • moisture-wicking DRYRIDE materials keep you dry and warm
  • available in 8 colors
  • touchscreen compatible

4. Burton Insulated Waterproof Touchscreen

Under $50

Burton Insulated Waterproof Touchscreen

The quality of Burton gloves gives protection from the snow with an over-the-cuff style. This simple option makes the list of the best snowboard gloves for providing all the warmth you need on the slopes.

  • two-layer DRYRIDE fabric is waterproof but breathable
  • Thermacore insulation for warmth
  • cinch closure on wrist
  • touchscreen compatibility
  • removable wrist leash for only when you need it

5. MCTi Waterproof Snowboard Gloves

Under $50

MCTi Waterproof Snowboard Gloves

A budget-friendly option with the key features of the best gloves for snowboarding: warmth, cinch closures, and durable materials.

  • 3M Thinsulate traps warmth in
  • touchscreen compatible
  • durable leather palm provides grip
  • snow scraper finger for wiping goggles clean

6. Burton Prospect Glove

Under $100

Burton Prospect Glove

The Prospect Glove is a no-frills glove with the warmth and quality you expect from Burton. A simple but effective glove for spending the day on the mountain.

  • Thermacore insulation for warmth
  • fixed microfiber lining stays in place
  • DRYRIDE membrane is waterproof to keep hands dry
  • available in multiple colors

7. Carbide Sensor Gloves from Outdoor Research

Under $150

a pair of Carbide Sensor Gloves from Outdoor Research showing front and back of gloves

Outdoor Research uses premium materials to make these as weatherproof as possible.

  • GORE-TEX shells are waterproof, windproof, and breathable
  • touchscreen compatible
  • VerticalX polyester insulation (85% recycled)
  • clasp wrist closures for a custom fit
  • includes removable leash and goggles wipe

8. REI Co-op Timber Mountain Snowboard Gloves for Kids

Under $50

a pair of REI Co-op Timber Mountain Snowboard Gloves for kids showing front and back of gloves

This budget-friendly glove for kids keeps them warm and dry out on the slopes. Another highly-rated, no-frills pick for the best snowboard gloves is perfect for beginner boarders.

  • waterproof and windproof, yet breathable
  • wrist straps and gauntlet cinches keep snow out and warmth in
  • bluesign® approved materials make these gloves a sustainable option
  • detachable leashes ensure they don’t get lost on the slopes

The Best Mittens for Snowboarding

Mittens are often warmer than gloves, but you also lose dexterity in your hands. While grabbing things is a little more challenging, your hands will be warmer!

9. Burton Gondy GORE-TEX

Under $150

Burton Gondy GORE-TEX

The Gondy GORE-TEX is an entirely weatherproof glove made of leather with a lining that offers temperature control. There is little bulk to these snowboard gloves with the under-cuff design and lightweight insulation.

  • under cuff fit with velcro closures
  • Thermacore insulation for extra warmth
  • ergonomic pre-curved fit
  • touchscreen compatible

a snowboarder wearing gloves with a leash, which is a feature of the best snowboarding gloves
The best gloves for snowboarding have a leash to keep them attached to you

10. Burton GORE-TEX Mittens for Kids

Priced around $50

Burton GORE-TEX Mittens for Kids

Burton makes a version small enough for the kiddos too. The same high-quality features make this smaller version a fabulous option little hands.

  • DRYRIDE technology is waterproof yet breathable
  • moisture-wicking microfiber lining stays in place to keep hands dry
  • ergonomic fit to the natural shape of hands

11. Tough Outdoors Snow Mittens

Under $50

Tough Outdoors Snow Mittens

This budget-friendly pick for the best snowboarding gloves is surprisingly effective in the snow and cold temperatures.

  • waterproof nylon shell keeps hands try in snow
  • wrist leashes keep them attached to you at all times
  • extra deep powder cuff keeps snow off your skin

12. Hestra Heli Snowboarding Gloves

Under $200

a pair of Hestra Heli Snowboarding Gloves showing front and back of gloves

The carabiners on the gauntlet cuff of the Hestra Heli gloves make it easy to clip to your gear for easy access when you need it. The removable liner is also mitten.

  • goat leather construction for durability
  • removable lining for extra insulation on the coldest days
  • wrist closures to keep snow out
  • pre-curved design to fit the natural shape of hands

Three Finger Snowboarding Gloves

Split-finger or 3-Finger gloves provide the warmth of mittens with some dexterity of gloves. Only the index finger and thumb are separated, making it easier to pick things up without taking your gloves off.

13. Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves

Under $100

a pair of Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves showing front and back of gloves

Boarders love this glove for more than just snowboarding. The warmth and waterproof materials make this a multipurpose glove for all winter activities.

  • water-resistant goat leather palms
  • VerticalX high-loft insulation for warmth
  • 5-finger liner gloves are touchscreen compatible
  • the pre-curved design fits the natural shape of hands

14. Kids’ Split Finger Gloves from REI

Our kids have used these gloves for skiing and snowboarding in Colorado for the past few years. The split-finger design provides a balance of dexterity and warmth.

  • synthetic leather palms for durability and grip on the snow and ice
  • wrist straps and cinches keep snow out and warmth in
  • bluesign® approved materials
  • a budget-friendly option for growing kids

15. Hestra Heli Three Finger Gloves

Under $200

Hestra Heli Three Finger Gloves

The Hestra Heli is one of the highest quality on the market but comes with a price tag to match. You really can’t go wrong with an investment in these top-of-the-line snowboarding gloves that come with a lifetime warranty.

  • removable liners for extra warmth
  • cuff cinches and closures keep snow out
  • waterproof and windproof to protect from the elements
  • “Eagle Grip” finger for better dexterity

Heated Snowboarding Gloves

The best snowboarding gloves are built to keep your finger warm – and these definitely fit the bill. It doesn’t get any warmer than heated gloves!

16. Outdoor Research Capstone Heated Sensor Gloves

a pair of Outdoor Research Capstone Heated Gloves showing front and back of gloves

The amount of warmth in these gloves comes with a price tag to match. These are definitely an investment (around $500), but there is no doubt they will keep you warm no matter how low the temps are.

  • rechargeable batteries deliver heat for up to 8 hrs (on low)
  • PrimaLoft insulation traps warmth in
  • palm is weather-resistant and durable

17. Action Heat 5V Battery Heated Mittens

Action Heat 5V Battery Heated Mittens

Heated gloves that come in a mitten version – and the under $200 price tag are more budget-friendly. Synthetic fabrics are wrapped around the heating element that keeps your fingers toasty warm.

  • rechargeable batteries are slim enough to a gauntlet pocket
  • 3 heat settings for the right amount of warmth
  • outer materials are waterproof to keep you dry

The Best Snowboarding Wrist Guards

Whether you already have a favorite pair of gloves or have your eye on one of our best for best gloves for snowboarding, these wrist guards can be worn under a separate pair of gloves.

These wrist guards for snowboarding have great protection and are made for a comfortable fit for a full day on the slopes.

Dakine Wristguards

Under $25

Dakine Wristguards
  • the neoprene material is stretchy and more comfortable
  • aluminum stay provides wrist protection
  • unisex sizing

Wrist Guards from cthoper

Under $25

Wrist Guards from cthoper
  • can also be used in other activities requiring wrist protection, like skateboarding and ice skating
  • velcro straps for a custom fit
  • sides are made of nylon mesh for breathability
  • unisex sizing

Burton Impact Wristguards

Under $50

Burton Impact Wristguards
  • hook and loop closure for a custom fit
  • flexible tapered splints

Where to Buy Gloves and Wrist Guards for Snowboarding

We buy most of our outdoor gear from REI. They have a great selection, competitive prices, and a generous return policy. Plus, members receive an annual dividend from their purchases every year.

Amazon also has an excellent selection of snowboarding gloves and wrist guards – and quick shipping on many items.

Of course, the experts at (now owned by The House) are an excellent resource for the best snowboard and ski gear.

Snowboarding Gloves FAQs

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