Kruger Rock is one of our favorite trails for hiking in Colorado. Near Estes Park, you'll reach spectacular views in less than 2 miles on this moderate trail.

Kruger Rock Trail: A Short Hike to Amazing Views

Camping at Hermit’s Hollow near Estes Park gives easy access to one of our favorite Colorado hikes: Kruger Rock Trail.  This fall, we did an impromptu camping trip and chose this campground because it was the only place I could find with an available site.  But we got lucky and found a place we will […] Read more…

Hiking with kids is an easy adventure. There is no better way to enjoy nature than hiking a nearby trail. These tips will have you on the trails in no time.

Hiking with Kids: Making it More Than An Uphill Walk

There was that one hike where I swear we weren’t even 10 minutes in before hearing the first “are we almost there???” whine. Hiking with kids has to be one of the easiest ways to get kids spending time outdoors, connecting with nature.  But if you’ve ever been out there with the little ones (or […] Read more…