Whether it’s the pre-cooked and shredded chicken that I keep stocked in my freezer, or a rotisserie chicken I picked up from the store, there are seemingly endless dinner ideas using shredded chicken.  Lunch, dinner, and even snack-time is a snap!

1. Quesadillas and Nachos

Just a handful of chicken and cheese on a tortilla and dinner is ready.  Technically anyway.  Add vegetables, beans, and seasonings to amp it up a little.

One of our favorite recipes are Grilled Chicken and Spinach Quesadillas from Real Simple.  This is a family staple for lunch, dinner, or even an after school snack.  With just a few ingredients (that we usually already have), it’s quick to put together and cook up on the grill.

2. Wraps and Sandwiches

My son is a picky eater.  He’s getting better as he gets older, but he still has his moments.  You can imagine my surprise when I made these and he LOVED them.  The spinach, fresh mozzarella, pesto and all. I make these a LOT and I still get a “Yay!!!!” when answering the daily “what’s for dinner?” question.  Having shredded chicken already made makes this a super quick recipe (and when I am short on time, store bought pesto works too – but I highly recommend using the recipe to make your own!)

Shredded chicken is a must-have for quick and healthy meals. These 5 delicious ideas using this recipe staple will have lunch or dinner on the table fast!

Make Chicken Pesto Sandwiches from Damn Delicious with the recipe here.

And this recipe for chicken salad is a must in the fall!  Made with Greek yogurt to cut down the fat and calories, and the addition of apples and pecans makes it a healthier alternative to traditional chicken salad.  All the fall flavors – I just can’t get enough.

Get the recipe for Apple Pecan Rosemary Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad here.

3. Chicken Enchiladas

I knew the last thing I wanted to do was be in the kitchen all week cooking for 9 people when my sister and her family came to visit a few weeks ago.  I needed to find as many make-ahead and freezer-friendly dinners that just needed to be popped in the oven.  Yes, there are easier recipes for enchiladas, but this recipe for Chicken Enchiladas from Crisco is made from scratch and soooo good.  And it makes a ton – I ended up with two trays of enchiladas.   That gave me another dinner that would be ready to go when my in-laws visited the following week.  Add rice & beans and dinner is done!

Chicken Enchiladas from crisco.com
Source: Crisco

Get Crisco’s recipe for Chicken Enchiladas here.

4. BBQ Chicken

Just add your favorite BBQ sauce to shredded or diced chicken, simmer on medium heat for about 30 minutes, and you have quick BBQ sandwiches.  Serve with or without a bun, with baked beans and slaw for a quick and easy summer dinner.

My favorite way to use BBQ chicken is in a salad though – especially this BBQ Chicken Salad from I Heart Naptime.

5. Pizza

Buffalo and BBQ chicken pizzas are fun (and delicious!) spins on traditional pizza.  This recipe for Mini Tropical Chicken Pizzas is a family favorite and reminds me of the English muffin pizzas my mom used to make when I was a kid.  This version has added veggies and fewer calories!

Mini Tropical Chicken Pizzas
Source: Nutrition in the Kitch

Make these pizzas from Nutrition in the Kitch with the recipe found here.

What are your favorite recipes that use shredded chicken?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Shredded chicken is a must-have for quick and healthy meals. These 5 delicious ideas using this recipe staple will have lunch or dinner on the table fast!

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