Yay!! We’ve made it to the second month of school!  The beginning of the school year is always filled with so much optimism for making this the most organized school year ever.  New planners and organizers, new school supplies, and new determination for keeping on top of everything all year long.  We scour Pinterest and collect school organization tips and school lunch ideas.  We are so excited for a year full of promise.

But in reality, it’s really hard to effectively plan when there is so much you don’t know if those first few weeks.  How much homework will there be?  What is the schedule for after school activities?  What are the new teachers like?

The new school year is filled with hope & excitement in the first days back to school. Keep the momentum going all year with these school organization tips.

We quickly forget everything we prepared for when we are trying to keep up with a school year we didn’t plan for.  So how do you keep organized when the excitement of back to school starts to become a distant memory?  These new school year tips will help your family stay on track through out the year.

1. Determine what is working (and what isn’t)

Are your planners and organizational systems working they way you thought they would?  I love a good planner and organizational system, but they are not a one-size-fits-all.  Take some time to look at what is working and what isn’t working, and make adjustments.  It may be as simple as moving your system to a better location (not around a corner that no one ever walks by – like ours once was), or it may require a complete overhaul.

2. Plan school lunches for the LAST time

School organization isn’t complete without school lunches!

I have lots of pins for packable lunches.  I’ve collected lunch ideas that have fun themes, anything-but-sandwiches, complex bento boxes, and menus for two months without any repeats.  I have great intentions pack the best lunches ever.  But the planning, shopping, and prepping started to take a toll on our days.  Our time was better spent getting homework done, clothes out for the next day, or just hanging out together in front of the TV (yes, take some time to just chill together!).

We picked out 5-7 of the kids’ favorite lunches and set a calendar to rotate those lunches each week.  For some reason, we think we need to give so much more variety, but I’ve found the kids are just as happy with a smaller menu.

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3. Make a list of the week’s activities

We go through the process of copying our weekly schedule from our family calendar to our weekly activity board.  It works because writing things down a second time helps the kids remember what they can expect for the week.  Practices, homework due dates, and appointments for each day all go on an index card and put up on the board.

Don’t forget to check emails from the school and the teacher for other important dates.

We made this quick daily planner by staining a board found at our local hardware store.  I attached one clip for each day of the week with hot glue.  I then stenciled a letter for the days of the week on the board.  We opted for this over a dry erase board because they tend to get messy over time, but that would work just as well.

The new school year is filled with hope & excitement in the first days back to school. Keep the momentum going all year with these school organization tips.

4. Figure out your time sucks

Anything that is taking longer than it should are your time sucks.  Especially if they are taking away from time you need for something more important.

Socks were once our time suck.  Toward the end of the week, we had one child constantly late getting ready for school because he was always looking for socks in the morning.  We solved the issue quickly by getting all those socks into the laundry on Sundays.

Maybe it’s not having the right school supplies at home.  Or not enough time to make breakfast and lunches in the mornings.  Stocking a homework station or having the kids make their lunches while you make dinner will give back that time you need.

If chores and meal times are taking more time than they should, read these posts on our strategy for keeping the house clean in just 15 minutes a day and how I prep ahead to get dinners done fast on busy nights.

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5. Find a weekend to reset

You will learn what needs to change after your family has had some time to get settled into the new school year (6-8 weeks in).  That is when you can find some time to start implementing those changes.  Does one child have too much homework for their activity schedule?  Does another child need a stock of school supplies at home? Maybe a teacher has a completely different approach than all the others, so you need to help your child adapt to a new after school schedule.  Or maybe you need to go buy more socks? (hey, it worked for us!)

Don’t let the renewed hope of a new school year get lost too early and remember that school organization is only effective it works for your family!

We are always looking for new ideas to stay organized during the school year.  Let us know your favorite ideas in the comments!

 The new school year is filled with hope & excitement in the first days back to school. Keep the momentum going all year with these school organization tips.


49 comments on “School Organization: How to Keep Momentum in the Second Month”

  1. #1 is the step that hits home with me most. I feel like there are so many ways I enjoy staying organized that I fail to stop and assess whether I like to say I am organized in a certain way or I actually am. Thanks for sharing!

    • I totally get that – so much effort into creating a system to get organized, but sometimes it’s just not the right fit. We don’t even realize that it’s not working they way it should.

    • I’m sure having 4 kids does keep you on top of things! I love getting organized, but have been learning to make some adjustments when my plan isn’t working.

    • It took me so long to realize how crazy the mornings are, and there isn’t as much time as I seem to think there is in the morning 🙂 And when there are so many changes year-to-year, it’s hard to keep a consistent plan for each year. Meal prep is definitely a life saver, and since I’ve started keeping those basics on hand, it makes dinner super easy if I didn’t have time to plan!

  2. Great tips for keeping the school calendar manageable! I especially like the weekly activity planner; you really do just have to keep that information all in one place. Must remember to review this list next month as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Staying organized for school is key! Especially with multiple kids. I have an area I call my “Command Center,” that I keep track of the weekly activities and “to do’s.” It can be very overwhelming!! Thanks for your tips!

    • We were surprised to see where some of our time was going. And the kids were totally on board to make the adjustments so that we had more time for fun stuff instead of chasing socks!

  4. The school lunch tip is a great one. I am always overly ambitious about lunch variety but honestly my kids could eat the same thing everyday and be gappy. We had way more homework than I expect ted so adjusting our nighttime routine has been a struggle

    • It’s so hard to know how much homework the kids will get each year. It was so much easier when we just listed a few things they love to bring for lunches (and this way I know they will eat everything!)

  5. For some reason I think that when my child(ren) enter school age that I’m going to remember everything. But seeing this, now I know that’s not gonna happen. Thanks for the tips.

    • Meal planning was huge for me too. That’s when I started stocking up on a few key things, so I could get dinner done quickly when things got extra crazy! It doesn’t solve every day, but it definitely helps a lot!

  6. These are great tips! It really is hard to stay organized after you’ve implemented some strategies. Sometimes the organization is more exhausting than doing something in the more chaotic way, so I agree that reevaluation is a good idea. Sometimes, though, I am just too tired at the end of the day to do one more thing, so I am not as prepared in the morning. But, I’ve learned to just go with the flow. We’ll make it somehow!

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