This blog may have started because of our love of the outdoors, but blogging is a labor of love.  And a lot of trial and error.  It’s sorting through a lot of information to learn new techniques, skills, and tactics for sharing our stories with the online world.  It gives bloggers a severe case of FOMO, because we really aren’t sure which (if any) of the blogging tips we read everyday will complete the blogging puzzle.

New (and some pretty dang good) blogs are starting up everyday. And if we can help even one new blogger with everything we’ve learned in just our first year, we’d call that a success.

Check back often, as we continue to add new things to this page.  If there is something missing that you would love to see, just send us an email and let us know!

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Social media is a key method for letting your audience know about new content. Landing on a search results page is a critical for users to know you have the information they are looking for.

Do you know and love Pinterest, but feel lost using Pinterest for your business? This guide for new bloggers has 7 quick tips for setting up your account the right way so you can get traffic to your website today.


There are some tools bloggers need.  Other tools are great to have, if you have the extra money to invest in your blog.  These are links to some of the most tried-and-true blogging resources.

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Of the overwhelming number of blogging courses out there today.  We only recommend courses we’ve taken and believe are worth the time and money. These are some of our favorites.

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The Liebster Award is a great way to discover and recognize new bloggers. Read more about my award and blogging journey!