As a new blogger, you are likely overwhelmed with all of the opportunties to spend money on anything and everything that make blogging better, easier, or faster.  Everything from courses and ebooks, to online tools and memberships. But since you are new, the only thing you know is that you don’t want to (or can’t) spend on it all, so you need to figure out where the best investments are.  I started out that way too.  I’ve tried courses, ebooks, subscriptions, and memberships.  There are some that aren’t quite worth the money, but there are others that I’ve not only continued to use, but I love to share with others.  One of those is Tailwind.

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Why? Tailwind saves me time and helps me make smarter decisions.

If you’ve heard of Tailwind, then you are probably familiar with their scheduling feature. Simply add pins to your queue, pick which board (or boards) the pin should be saved to, and Tailwind will handle it from there.

This is great because Pinterest loves consistent pinning.  But most of us don’t have the time to be on Pinterest everyday, strategically pinning to our boards.  With Tailwind, you can plan out your entire week all at once and still maintain a consistent pinning schedule.

But did you know there is a lot more to Tailwind? The ability to schedule all my pins for the week is great, but honestly, I love scrolling through Pinterest and could easily get in the habit of spending 15-20 minutes a day on pinning. So that alone is not quite enough for me to invest in this tool. It’s these 5 other features that make Tailwind worth the investment for my blog.

1. Tailwind Analytics

When you have a Business account for your Pinterest page, you have access to analytics for your pins and boards.  These are great for understanding which pins and boards are getting the most engagement, but Tailwind’s analytics go into more depth:

  • virality score (the number of repins / pin)
  • engagement score (number of repin / pin / follower)
  • engagement rate (% of pins with at least 1 repin)
  • metrics for each of your boards (including group boards, which helps determine which group boards are the most productive)

If you have an increase in total repins, is that because you are just adding more pins, or do you have pins that are doing particularly well?  These metrics help you determine what is causing the increase in repins, so you can do more of that!

Pin Inspector

I could spend hours here.  The Pin Inspector shows the number of repins per pin. Yes, this information is also provided by Pinterest, but in Tailwind, filters can be applied to show only pins for your content, pins to other websites, by board, and by category.  No more scrolling and searching for the pins you are most interested in.

Not sure which pins you’ve added to a group board? Select just that board to get a list of pins, along with the number of repins for each pin.

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2. Board organization

Pins get better exposure when they are pinned to multiple (but relevant) boards, but it’s easy to miss a board here and there.  To quickly access multiple boards for a particular topic, Tailwind has a feature to organize your boards into groups.  I have a group for travel related boards, for outdoors boards, and for all niches (where I can pin any of my content).

This also helps prevent you from pinning to a board with unrelated content, which can create a poor user experience for your followers (or get you in trouble on group boards). If you are a travel blogger who occasionally posts recipes on your blog, you may need to avoid pinning your recipes onto group boards dedicated to travel content.  This is particularly useful when your niche is broad, but you belong to niche-specific group boards.

3. Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are fairly new, but I fell in love the moment I joined them.  Tribes are similar to group boards as a way to share content and collaborate with other bloggers and business owners.  Unlike group boards, they are easier to find by using their “Find a Tribe” feature. No more hours spent hunting down group boards!

Once you pin from a Tribe, the pin is removed from the default view, so you continue to see fresh content.  See a pin that is not relevant to your niche? No problem.  Click the ‘skip’ button to hide it from the feed!

My favorite feature is access to Tribe analytics.  Tailwind tracks of what you’ve pinned, what you’ve repinned from others, and the reach from your pins.

Bonus feature: Have you ever joined a group board, only to never see any repins or activity?  To help you determine which tribes you’d like to join, Tailwind provides an “activity” score for each tribe. The more active the tribe, the better chance you have at increasing reach and repins.

4. Perfectly Timed Pins

Your followers may be on the other side of the country, or even all over the world, and pinning while you are fast asleep.  Tailwind analyzes your audience’s activity to determine prime pinning times.

Pins scheduled to be saved to your boards are timed according to your custom Smart Schedule. You still have complete flexibiltiy to modify your the schedule by adding, changing, or removing any of the time slots.

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5. Optimized Pinterest Profile

I’ve only just started using this feature, but it’s helped me quickly fill in the gaps to complete my Pinterest account and profile.

With this feature, Tailwind highlights areas to fill in:

  • boards that are missing a description
  • boards that have too few pins
  • missing profile features, such as image or location

Bonus Feature: Instagram Scheduling

While this is a separate account from your Tailwind account for Pinterest, it’s still a great feature that is worth a mention, especially if your audience tends to hang out on Instagram more than Pinterest.  For full disclosure, I’ve only used the trial for Instagram, but plan to upgrade as soon as my income catches up with my expenses. (I’m sure the decisions on where to invest will never be truly easy!)

My Results

When I started using Tailwind, I immediately spent less time pinning manually. Then I braced myself for a decline in monthly Pinterest views, as I was unsure of how it would all work.  Instead, I saw the opposite.  My views increased by 400% in just a few months.

I’ve also left a group board because while I was busy repinning other’s content, I wasn’t getting any repins of my content. (And that’s ok! The content shared on that group board just wasn’t a good fit for my niche.)

Try It Yourself!

I knew I had to make some business investements as a new blogger, but I was so overwhelmed on where to invest.  The team over at Tailwind makes it easy to give it try though, with an offer for your first month free when you use this link.  Go ahead and check it out – I know you’ll love it as much as I do!

If you use Pinterest for your blog or business, then you've probably heard of Tailwind. This Pinterest-approved tool not only saves you time by scheduling your pins, but has other features to help you make better business decisions. These are the top 5 features that makes Tailwind a key tool for my blog.

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