Month: September 2017

Are you ready for a new family adventure? Cotopaxi Questival is the ultimate adventure race - a great way to explore and DO GOOD with kids of all ages!

Questival: Family Adventure and a Lifetime of Memories

Have you ever decided to do something, but were not quite sure what you just signed up for?  That is me.  All the time.  I love to try new things, especially if it sounds like family adventure or outdoors is somehow involved.  And then last spring I stumbled across a link to Cotopaxi Questival. It […] Read more…

The new school year is filled with hope & excitement in the first days back to school. Keep the momentum going all year with these school organization tips.

School Organization: How to Keep Momentum in the Second Month

Yay!! We’ve made it to the second month of school!  The beginning of the school year is always filled with so much optimism for making this the most organized school year ever.  New planners and organizers, new school supplies, and new determination for keeping on top of everything all year long.  We scour Pinterest and […] Read more…

Dauphin Island is our top pick for a family beach vacation. The perfect mix of "island time" and activity-packed adventure has us returning year after year.

A Beach Destination That Promises Relaxation & Family Adventure

When someone in my family suggested we go to Alabama for a family beach vacation, I thought they were crazy.  I thought (out loud) “there isn’t a beach in Alabama!” – but I had no idea how wrong I was. I was accustomed to beach houses the east coast, especially North Carolina down through Florida. […] Read more…